May 9, 2011

Pretty Ruffled Apron

I can't imagine a prettier Apron than this ruffled beauty, handmade by Angelina at Ruby Jean!!! Angelina transferred the Girl with Horse image onto the front of the Apron and then trimmed it with lace, a rosette and lots of glorious ruffles!! If you fancy this, (and who wouldn't!) you can purchase it, along with her many other gorgeous ruffled pieces in her Etsy Shop.


  1. oh yes, this one is realy pretty! love ruffles so much too! thanks for sharing. have a nice and creative week! di

  2. I can't tell you how EXCITED I was when I saw My apron on your Blog List over at your Graphics Blog...My Dashboard Blog Reader keeps going in and out on me..So I am not able to see what new post are coming up..So I have to go and check in on the ones I know I am following ...Well all that said it was 10:30 last night when I saw it...Talk about feeling BONIFIDE...I was featured on the Graphics Fairy..that's like next to being on the Marhta Stewart Show... : )

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for being kind enough to post about it..

    Have a Blessed day

  3. magnifique!!!!!!!
    bises laurence

  4. Congrats again Ruby Jean! Must be so cool to see your project on someone else's page. :D :D

  5. Hi Angelina,
    Oh you're so sweet!! I'm so glad you're pleased with your feature, I'm sure it won't be the last. I'm truly in love with your style ... keep those ruffles coming!!


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