May 20, 2011

Queen of Desserts Collage

This is another gorgeous collage by Tania from Wild At Heart Design! I never get tired of looking at her art, she has such a marvelous way of putting things together, so pleasing to the eye!! This delightful collage includes several images from my site, including the Blanc Mange Dessert, Torn Paper Texture, Golden Bees and the Fleur de Lis Crown. Lovely!


  1. I want to put this politely...I assume the name across the image means she doesn't want us to grab a copy? But is that really a problem? Anyway, the thing that makes me think you should be awarded some sort of "National Treasure" title is that you give everything away. I guess I do believe that treasures you give away come back to you in another form, but then, I'm not trying to make a living designing, so I don't know...Kate

  2. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for your comment! There actually is a lot of stealing going on online, sad but true. She is an artist trying to make a little extra money to support her family, by selling cards and such, so it makes sense to protect her designs.
    Your "National Treasure" comment made me smile! Thanks for your kind words!!


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