May 7, 2011

Paris Eiffel Tower Banner

This elegant project was created by Trisha at Glass Slippers and All.

Trisha made this charming Eiffel Tower Banner, using various vintage Eiffel Graphics, from my site. I like the little touches of black she added here, they make her project look quit smart!


  1. This looks wonderful...great job, Trisha!

  2. This is fantastic! Beautifully done :-)

  3. My husband helped me to make one of those lovely Paris banners. It was fun and turned out great. I had an "Afternoon in Paris" Day with three bistro tables and other fun decorations.I had French onion soup, quiche, chocolate mousse, and French cookies with Pierrie water to drink. lol We had great fun. Edith Pilaf music in the background and a film strip of Fifi's art work on the computer. There were other fun treats all connected to the day. So thanks for the banner that inspired me to do it. (BTW my husband even pretended to be our French waiter "Jean Luc.


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