June 15, 2011

Mixed Media - Treasure Box of Happy

I know a number of you are fans of Gerri Herbst's work and I can certainly understand why!! This gorgeous "Treasure Box of Happy" is an example of how she artfully puts things together!

Just look at the detail on this fabulous finial!! Gerri used the Ballerina Photo Girl and the Ballerina Sisters Postcard for this project. So delightful!!



  1. Thanks Karen for featuring me. Also, thank you for posting such wonderful graphic treasures for everyone to use in their artistic creations!

  2. Fabulous piece! So many wonderful little details, and the colours are great.

  3. You're welcome Gerri, thanks for linking up another beautiful project!

  4. I sure do love Gerri's work this piece is splendid! I love all the beautiful graphics you share with all of us every day too Karen! Thanks.


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