July 4, 2011

Pretty Wallpaper Book Box

Carol, from over at The Polka Dot Closet, Mod Podged this lovely set of Vintage Book Boxes!

Aren't they delightful?! She used French Roses Label image as well as several different Vintage Wallpaper Graphics for this project. Now that's some pretty storage!! Make sure you check her blog to see the before photo, these were quite drab before she got her crafty hands on them!


  1. The best part of this cute craft in my opinion is that the creator actually took the time to put book titles on each individual book. Love the details.

  2. Karen! Thank You for the feature!! Goodness, I am so honored! I couldn't do it without Graphics Fairy! I honestly don't know how I would craft with out you!


  3. Carol,
    You're so welcome!! I'm really glad that you're able to use my site for your crafting, I love seeing what you make!


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