August 8, 2011

Halloween Gift Bags - Raven

I'm so excited to share these clever Halloween gift or treat bags with you! These were made by Maddie Kertay at Domestic Anarchy.

Maddie used the Vintage Black Bird Image for her bags, and actually printed them right on her home printer! She includes her printing tips on her blog, so be sure and check out her post.


  1. Thank you Karen.. this was just the best image ever for this project.. the perfect scan you achieved of the coloration in the feathers came right through to the printing making for an amazing project!


  2. Beautiful image and lovely project by the ever so talented Maddie.

  3. Wow, I love these!!! We have a Halloween party here very year and this idea is awesome for the party! Thanks for sharing Karen, off to check out Maddie's blog.

  4. Dear Creative Spirit,

    What a job! Congratulations! Now, I am afraid that you have turned me into a raven lunatic! Haha I will have to try this soon, perhaps under the next full moon...

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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