August 12, 2011

Sweet Fabric Heart Banner

This sweet Heart Banner was Handmade by Laura at My Little Sewing Room!

Laura made the banner out of fabric and used several images from my site to decorate it with, including the Vintage Pocket Watch Graphic and Antique Birds Engraving. I'm not sure if she transferred the images on or if she printed them right onto the fabric, but either way, these are lovely and the embellishments are so pretty!!


  1. Love it! Will have to give this project a try :)

  2. These are adorable. Thanx so much for sharing! Tiff

  3. Karen, these hearts are beautiful, very altered art style. really love them. This reminds me that i have got some fabric transfer paper ....I really must use it. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Hello Karen!
    I'm very pleased to see you include here my project. I transferred the images on the fabric using Citra-Solv, it is very easy and fast to transfer the image. I have learned that there are different methods to do it, since print direct onto the fabric or transfer using citrasolv or the Transfer Tool which I found amazing too.
    I'll keep making more project using your lovely images, you have a wonderful blog.
    Thank you for sharing it to us.
    Have a great Sunday!
    Laura =)

  5. That's so beautiful. I wish I had your talent! At least I have my collection of wholesale clothes to console me. Thank you for the inspiring photos.


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