November 3, 2011

Crafty Video Project - Vintage Box Luminaries with Andrea Currie

Here's a video from Andrea Currie of Andrea Currie Crafts. In this video Andrea teaches you how to make Vintage Box Luminaries for the Holidays! In this project she used several of my Vintage Christmas Graphics from HERE and HERE. I hope you enjoy Andrea's quirky upbeat style... so fun!!!


  1. Nice project! She is full of energy and how wonderful she took the time to make a video!

  2. Wax Beach,
    Yes, I agree! I love her enthusiasm!

  3. I agree what a nice thing to do! Love the project!

  4. Wonderful project! I'll try to do it! Thanks
    bye Sandra

  5. I'd love to try whatever she's on. Wow. Fun project, though. ;)


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