May 10, 2012

Printable Mother's Day Card - Teacup with Flowers

 For those of you that are in need of a last minute Card for Mother's Day, I've created this Printable just for you!

Click HERE for the Full Size Printable PDF
Just click above to grab the full size Image. After printing it out, fold it in half and write whatever you like on the inside.

I added some Glitter to mine, for a little extra sparkle!  

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  1. I get directed to Google Drive... no sign of your lovely card :(

  2. Ah... got it. I clicked on the card and it opened on another page. The 'click here' sent me down a rabbit hole. Thank you for the loveliness! :)

  3. Pretty! Thank you, Karen. Have a lovely Mother's Day.

  4. thank you,...thank you


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