June 20, 2012

Beautiful Basket Organizing

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Today's post is by Lisa, a home schooling mom of NINE kids! Now she knows a thing or two about organizing.... so let's hear it for Lisa...

Over here at The Pennington Point we have a constant need to keep our homeschool supplies organized and

Mom has a need for things to look pretty. Dad has a need to save money which makes the challenge even harder. The Graphics Fairy to the rescue! The books and papers aren't as much of a problem and the endless amount of teeny tiny supplies. Crayons, tape, flash cards, blocks, puzzles, on and on and will somebody stop me before I realize how much junk we have around here?! I decided that baskets were me best bet to hide all of the little school supplies and I looked for some cool graphics to make myself feel better. I found lots of great ideas, but settled on a few that would highlight what I wanted.

After I printed the graphics I cut them down and backed with aqua cardstock. I wanted a pop of color, but not too much. It's already a busy spot and didn't need too much distraction. I punched a hole in the top and used twine to tie it all together. Then I grabbed a few of my chalkboard tags and it all easily fell into place.  Now it fits all of our requirements: organized, pretty and cheap!

And best of all, the kids can quickly find what they need. 

 Happy organizing! 

 These are the graphics I used: 
and map.

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  1. Gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of visual organizing. Loved it ever since childhood. Yours is especially pretty though.


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