June 7, 2012

Beautiful Paper Bird Cones

These beautiful Paper Bird Cones are from Poudre de Riz Acte 2 Blog. Aren't they just the loveliest cones ever?!! She used the Brown and Gray Bird Graphic to create these precious pieces.  I believe she sells these on her site, along with many other pretty things, (although this particular set is sold) so be sure and check her blog out!

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  1. So pretty and simple. I love the twine and moss.

  2. Ce n'est pas Poudre de Riz qui a fait le montage de l'image, c'est moi!!! Poudre de Riz m'a demandé l'autorisation d'utiliser l'image.
    Ce serait gentil de citer mon blog.Merci


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