September 5, 2012

Victorian Cat Notebook Cover

Hey everyone! It's Jade from I am so happy to be a contributing editor for The Graphics Fairy-Crafts. When Karen asked me to do this I was super excited because I want to show you everything you can do with all of her amazing graphics. Do you ever look at her images and think of 10 thousand things to do with it? I do! But alas that is why I am here, to inspire you in more ways than you could of ever imagined.  Let's get started because I can't wait to make this fun and interactive notebook cover. 

Some of the things you will need are:
(click on the link to order)
(I used the Victorian Graphic - Cat with Top Hat and Monocle)
You could glue this on the notebook as an embellishment.  

Some extra things to use are:
*Scrap paper
These are optional. 

The first thing you will do is cut out your Graphics Fairy image leaving a little space around it (see above). 
You will then glue it down onto a piece of scrapbook paper. The reason you are doing this is so our final image is not flimsy on top of the notebook. This will make it last longer. 

It should look like this when you are done. I am just using one image on this notebook but you can use multiple images if you would like. 

Next thing we need to do is cut out our cover. I found the easiest way to do this is to put a piece of scrapbook paper under the cover of the notebook. 

Trace around the edges with a pen, then cut it out. Voila! Your cover will fit like a glove. (teehee)

Get your glue out and rub a generous amount on the cover of the notebook. 

After you coat it with glue place your cover right on top. I like to put the notebook face down on a table until I am ready to use it. This will secure it properly and allow it to dry with no wrinkles.  

Your graphic that you glued onto the scrapbook paper should be dry now. Cut your image out with your mini scissors. Be careful, you don't want to accidentally cut out something that you might need.
(I swear this didn't happen to me, haha)

Martha Stewart's Halloween pack of scrapbook paper is amazing. Each sheet has such unique images on them. You could literally do 4 different things with just one sheet! One of the sheets had this haunted house on it so I cut it out and used one of her paper punches on the bottom of it. This added just a little bit of spice to my haunted house. 

These 3D dots are so much fun to use. Just get them out and have them ready. Whatever part of your image that you want to "move" cut it out now. I am cutting the boots and a hand because once I add my fasteners to them they will be able to move around in a fun whimsical way. I cut out the hat so when I add a little dot under it,  it will look 3 dimensional and not flat. 

Poke a little hole on the arm. Make sure and put it on the end where you cut. 

Poke a hole in the actual cat and put the fastener through each hole. You can see above how to do this. I love this part because the cat is coming to LIFE! You know you are getting all giddy right now. 

This is how it should look from the front. 

Do the same things for the boots or whatever parts you want to move around. When you are done adding all of the fasteners, place the 3D dots all over the back of the image. 

If you notice on the picture above I glued down a piece of the scrap paper on the bottom of the notebook then placed the haunted house on top it it. I also put a strip of scrapbook paper on the left side of the notebook for a little flare. 

You know what this cat reminds me of? Those antique jewelry boxes that played music. I have one with a clown on it, and when you wind the back the arms and legs move like this cat. Shoot, maybe that's why I thought of this. 

I really hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! I know you will have a blast with it. Don't forget to think outside the box with this, you can use tons of The Graphics Fairy images to make fun notebook covers. 

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See you in the next post! 

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  1. Love your creation Jade! I am a bit of a anything paper related ~ I buy school supplies for me then give the kids what's left (the shame of it!) ~ congratulations on being a contributing for The Graphics Fairy and working with Karen! Awesome.

  2. Congratulations! Wonderful news to know that I'll be able to enjoy both your and Karen's awesome creativity here! Love that dapper cat too, btw!


  3. Fantastic! Love that crafty cat!

  4. Congrats!!! We all know the Graphic Fairy ROCKS THE HOUSE. I love you adorable cat notebook--so cute.

  5. Super cute project, Jaderbomb, with a really cool graphic from Karen. What a combo!


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