November 16, 2012

Count Your Blessings Jar for Thanksgiving - Printable

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, this is a really nice tradition to start in your family and a really simple way to get people to reflect upon how much others mean to us.

I'm calling this the "Count Your Blessings Jar," and it's a simple way for people to share their blessings.  Just lay out the jar {or container, or bowl, or whatever you have} with some pens, the instructions, and a stack of the printed cards. 

Guests simply write out what they are thankful for on the cards and slip them in the jar you have decorated.  Names can be included, or comments can be anonymous.  You can ask guests to write one message or as many as they'd like....start your own tradition!

At dinner, take turns picking comments out of the jar and reading them aloud.

Here is a new printable to help you get started.  The graphics were mostly left black and white to go with your tables capes, and so you and the little ones could have fun coloring and embellishing {I know my kids have an affinity for glitter....lots and lots of our jar is sure to be very festive this year}.

Here are the printable instructions, which can be printed on card stock, cut out, embellished, and attached to your container. 

{Click here to download the instruction sheet}

Here is a link to the cards, which your guests will fill out.

{Click here to download the thankful cards}

I've also heard of people who leave a jar like this out all year, and then read the comments written down throughout the year at Thanksgiving dinner....just another idea for you to keep the tradition going year round.

Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

*****About the Graphics*****

If you're wondering, the graphics used for this project were all from The Graphics Fairy site.
The instruction card uses this turkey, my favorite blank ribbon banner, and a square medical apothecary label.  The cards use Karen's square medical apothecary label again and a striped feather antique scrapbook image.  The fonts we used are Champagne Cyrillic and Modern No. 20 from our Five Font Picks for Fall post earlier this month.

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  1. THIS is a great idea - we tried to do this one year without organization, and it blew up - people started leaving the table, a little embarrassed to share/speak! This way it can go faster and smoothly without the shuffling feet! LOL
    Thanks to you both for a wonderful holiday idea.

    1. Thanks Sherilyn! I like how comments can be anonymous and how it gives people time to think (so they're not put on the spot at dinner). That can be pretty embarrassing, and then you end up with everyone saying the same things! Hope this helps for this year. Happy Thanksgiving!


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