November 23, 2012

Mailroom - An iPhone App for Creative Entrepreneurs

I'm so excited to introduce this gorgeous App by my friend Fiona Richards from Cafe Cartolina!  The app is called Mailroom and it includes 21 darling Vintage Templates to jazz up your messages!

Aren't they so fun?!! If you are an Etsy seller or have a creative business of any kind, these were created with you in mind. They would be really great to use for your business (or personal too) correspondence!  I love the Retro style of these. You may recognize a few of my graphics in the mix. Yay! You can download the app HERE.

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  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome Fiona! I'm having fun playing with this App!

  2. Hi Karen, this is awesome. Do you have one for an android? I woul love to use this for my small freelance business as well as personal.


    1. Hi Pam, I'm not sure if she has one yet. I will shoot her an email and find out and get back to you on that.

  3. These are wonderful but I have an Android. Do you know if these will be availabe for the Anroid.?


  4. hello ladies - we don't make apps for Android I'm afraid.
    The reason is that Apple makes it very easy to distribute iPhone apps at iTunes - there isn't the same universal distribution system for Android apps. Also each style of Android phone requires a completely new app - so we'd have to develop at least 10 apps just for Android phones. Sorry! I wish we could!
    Thanks for the comments!


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