November 23, 2012

Mailroom - An iPhone App for Creative Entrepreneurs

I'm so excited to introduce this gorgeous App by my friend Fiona Richards from Cafe Cartolina!  The app is called Mailroom and it includes 21 darling Vintage Templates to jazz up your messages!

Aren't they so fun?!! If you are an Etsy seller or have a creative business of any kind, these were created with you in mind. They would be really great to use for your business (or personal too) correspondence!  I love the Retro style of these. You may recognize a few of my graphics in the mix. Yay! You can download the app HERE.

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November 16, 2012

Count Your Blessings Jar for Thanksgiving - Printable

This article, and the printables, have been moved to my main blog. You can find them HERE.

November 13, 2012

Crafty Tutorial - Christmas List Ornament - with Erin Sipes

Hello Graphic Fairy Readers!  I'm Erin and I want to thank Karen for letting me take a day off from my usual gig over at My Very Educated Mother and share this cute ornament tutorial with you and tell you a little bit about the second annual No Ugly Ornament Series

I love handmade ornaments, the good, the bad, and well…even the ugly.  Unfortunately my oldest doesn’t feel the same so last year in an attempt to please both my goal of a handmade Christmas and his request for a ‘pretty’ tree, I started the first No Ugly Ornament Challenge.  Every day during the month of November I tackled a new ornament and while they weren’t all pretty they did bring the family together and got everyone in the creative holiday spirit.

Last year it was a one man show but this time around I’ve recruited a host of crafty bloggers who’ll be visiting and sharing their own ornaments all month long.  I hope you have a chance to stop by and in the meantime here’s a quick little ornament I’ve come up with on my own.  

@mvemother #NUO2012 Wooden Spool Christmas List Ornament

  • wooden spools
  • paper
  • twine
  • glue (white glue and a glue stick)

@mvemother #NUO2012 Wooden Spool Christmas List Ornament2
Start off by making mini lists. If you’re particularly good at writing really small by all means, go for it.  My handwriting is barely legible so I opted to print my lists.  All you need to do is measure your spool, adjust your font size accordingly, print at the bottom of your page, and cut the paper into strips long enough to wrap around the spool with the list hanging off.

@mvemother #NUO2012 Wooden Spool Christmas List Ornament3
Once your lists are made, distress them by running the edges along a stamping pad.

@mvemother #NUO2012 Wooden Spool Christmas List Ornament4
Now it’s time to roll. Secure the end with a little white glue and start winding it up.

@mvemother #NUO2012 Wooden Spool Christmas List Ornament5
When you get close to your list, using a glue stick, put a little dab down to hold it all in place.

@mvemother #NUO2012 Wooden Spool Christmas List Ornament6
Thread a bit of twine through the spool, tie it off, and that’s it!

Wooden Spool Christmas List Ornament @mvemother #NUO2012
I hope you like these ornaments as much as I do and if your husband tells you they look like miniature toilet paper rolls…ignore him.  For more ornament inspiration be sure to stop by My Very Educated Mother this month or you can keep up with the No Ugly Ornament Series via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Happy Holidays!  
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November 8, 2012

Five Hand Picked Fonts for Fall

This post has been moved, you can find it over on my main site HERE.

November 6, 2012

Turkey Place Cards - Printable

Hi, it's Emily again, with a simple holiday project for you.

I can't believe it's already November.  Even though we're only a few days in, it's never too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving and get some of those easy crafts crossed off your list now.

Here is a nice turkey place card printable to help get you started.

{Download your turkey place card printable}

For this printable, I combined two graphics from The Graphics Fairy, an 1880's printer's ornament, and an antique engraved turkey image.  The printer's ornament is nice and long, and I thought would be just the right shape for a place card.  I loved this version of a turkey; simple and classic.

{click here to go to the original post & high quality file}

{click here to go to the original post & high quality file}

I recolored the frame, removed the turkey's shadow, and added a plain border.  Here is a link again to the Printable from Graphics Fairy Crafts.  Print the PDF off on cream card stock or heavy paper.  You can cut off the brown border if you prefer, I originally only added it to help me cut everything out, but I ended up liking its contrast to all the engraving & ornamentation.  These place cards also look nice mounted on a piece of colored paper with a 1/4" border.

Hate your handwriting?  I don't really like my handwriting and my lettering skills leave much to be desired.  Here is a little cheat I use sometimes when I have to write something that other people might actually stare at {like a place card at the dinner table}.

First I find a handwriting font that resembles the handwriting I wish I had.  I enlarge my words to the size I need and print them out.  Then I go grade-school-style and hold my lettering sheet and my final image up to a window {or light box if you have one} and trace using a medium tip marker or calligraphy marker {which will help you get those variations in the line's thickness}.  The result won't be an exact replica of the printed font, but if you trace it, you will get a really nice result....and it's always much nicer than my real handwriting.

Hope you enjoy the printable!


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November 1, 2012

Lovely French Flower Containers

These gorgeous photos were submitted to my Facebook page by Fiori La Primavera!! Aren't they stunning?! The beautiful flowers above are tucked into a very pretty container with the Paris Cologne Label added to the front. I love the burlap used under it too! Wouldn't this be lovely for a Wedding?!

For this arrangement the Ville de Paris Label was added to the front of a simple brown gift bag. Lovely!

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